buscar esse táxon em outros sistemas Psaenythia nigriceps (Bingham, 1896)

Philanthus nigriceps Bingham, C. T. (1896). On some exotic fossorial Hymenoptera in the collection of the British Museum, with descriptions of new species and of a new genus of the Pompilidae. J. Linn. Soc. London Zool. 25: 422-445+pl.19 [441] (According to Moure's unpublished notes (August, 1972) on the type specimen, this species corresponds to Psaenythia gerstaeckeri Friese, 1908) .
Type data: holotype BMNH 21.1.180 <M>.
Type locality: 'India' [most likely Brazil].

Psaenythia gerstaeckeri Friese, H. (1908). Die Apidae (Blumenwespen) von Argentina nach den Reisenergebnissen der Herren A. C. Jensen-Haarup und P. Jörgensen in den Jahren 1904-1907. Flora Fauna 10: 1-94 [36] .
Type data: syntype ZMB <M><F>.
Type locality: Brazil, São Paulo, Jundiaí.


Neotropical Region: Brazil (São Paulo)


Holmberg, E. L. (1921). Apidae Argentinae. Generis Psaenythia Gerstaecker. Exoticis inclusis. An. Mus. Nac. Hist. Nat. B. Aires 31: 249-354 [322, 324, 327] (Key, distribution (as Psaenythia gerstaeckeri))
Menke, A. S. (1993). Big blue book errata. Part 20. Sphecos 25: 21-22 [22] (Taxonomical note, new combination, note on type locality (as Psaenythia nigriceps))

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