buscar esse táxon em outros sistemas Protomeliturga Ducke, 1912

Protomeliturga Ducke, A. (1912). Die natürlichen Bienengenera Südamerikas. Zool. Jahrb. Abt. Syst., Geogr. Biol. Tiere 34: 51-116 [90] .
Type species: Calliopsis turnerae Ducke, 1907 by monotypy.


Neotropical Region: Brazil (Ceará, Maranhao, Paraíba, Pernambuco)


Ruz, L. (1991). Classification and phylogenetic relationships of the panurgine bees: the Calliopsini and allies (Hymenoptera: Andrenidae). Univ. Kansas Sci. Bull. 54 (7): 209-256 [215, 245-253] (Taxonomy, descriptive notes, phylogeny)

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Available Species

  • Protomeliturga catimbaui 
  • Protomeliturga turnerae