buscar esse táxon em outros sistemas Bombus (Dasybombus) Labougle & Ayala, 1985

Bombus (Dasybombus) Labougle, J. M. & Ayala, R. (1985). A new subgenus and species of Bombus (Hymenoptera: Apidae) from Guerrero, Mexico. Folia Entomol. Mex. 66: 47-55 [49] .
Type species: Bombus macgregori Labougle & Ayala, 1985 by original designation.


Neotropical Region: Bolivia (La Paz); Ecuador; Guatemala; Mexico (Guerrero, Jalisco); Peru (Amazonas, Ayacucho, Cuzco, Huánuco, Junín, Piura, Puno); Venezuela (Amazonas)


Labougle, J. M. (1990). Bombus of México and Central America (Hymenoptera, Apidae). Univ. Kansas Sci. Bull. 54 (3): 35-73 [37] (List, distribution)
Williams, P. H. (1998). An annotated checklist of bumble bees with an analysis of patterns of description (Hymenoptera: Apidae, Bombini). Bull. Nat. Hist. Mus. Lond. (Entomol.) 67 (1): 79-152 [139] (Taxonomy, distribution)

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Available Species

  • Bombus (Dasybombus) handlirschi 
  • Bombus (Dasybombus) macgregori 
  • Bombus (Dasybombus) menchuae