buscar esse táxon em outros sistemas Biglossa thoracica Friese, 1906

Biglossa thoracica Friese, H. (1906). Eine neue Bienengattung aus Chile und Argentinien. Z. Syst. Hymenopterol. Dipterol. 6: 374-380 [376] .
Type data: lectotype ZMB <F> , paralectotype USNM 13208 <F> , paralectotype AMNH <F><M> , paralectotype ZMB <M>.
Subsequent designation: Melo, G.A.R. (2021). Two new genera of the bee tribe Lonchopriini, with additional taxonomic notes (Apidae, Colletinae). Acta Biol. Parana. 50 (1-4): 175-189 [182] .
Type locality: Argentina, Salta, 2500m.


Neotropical Region: Argentina (Mendoza, Salta, Tucumán)


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