buscar esse táxon em outros sistemas Chlerogas chlerogas (Vachal, 1904)

Chlerogas latitans Vachal, J. (1904). Étude sur les Halictus d’Amerique (Hym.). Misc. Entomol. 12: 113-128 [127] (unnecessary nom. nov. for Halictus chlerogas Vachal, 1904) .

Halictus chlerogas Vachal, J. (1904). Étude sur les Halictus d’Amerique (Hym.). Misc. Entomol. 12: 113-128 [127] .
Type data: holotype MNHP <M>.Vachal believed the type specimen was a female; see Moure & Hurd (1987:229).
Type locality: Peru, Lima, Callanga.


Neotropical Region: Peru


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