buscar esse táxon em outros sistemas Megalopta vigilans Cockerell, 1923

Megalopta (Megaloptella) vigilans Cockerell, T. D. A. (1923). Two nocturnal bees and a minute Perdita. Am. Mus. Novit. 66: 1-4 [1] .
Type data: holotype AMNH <M>.
Type locality: uncertain [according to Cockerell (1923:1), 'the unique specimen was collected by Mr. Austin Curtis at one of the harbors of the Caribbean Sea, perhaps on the coast of Venezuela'].


Venezuela (?)


Moure, J. S. (1943). Notas sôbre abelhas da coleção Zikán (Hym. Apoidea). Rev. Entomol. (Rio J.) 14 (3): 447-484 [481] (Taxonomy (tax. position, as Tmetocoelia))

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