buscar esse táxon em outros sistemas Trachusa Panzer, 1804

Trachusa Panzer, G. W. F. (1804). Faunae Insectorum Germanicae initia oder Deutschlands Insecten gesammelt und herausgegeben. Heft 86.. Nürnberg: Felssecker [expl. pl. 14-15] (See Michener (1997: 58, 74) for details on date of publication of Panzer's work.) .
Type species: Trachusa serratulae Panzer, 1804 ( = Apis byssina Panzer) by subsequent designation, see Sandhouse, G. A. (1943). The type species of the genera and subgenera of bees. Proc. U.S. Nat. Mus. 92: 519-619 [605] .


Nearctic Region: Mexico (Chihuahua, Durango, Guanajuato, México, Sinaloa, Sonora, Zacatecas); Neotropical Region: Mexico (Chiapas, Guerrero, Hidalgo, Jalisco, Mexico, Michoacán, Morelos, Nayarit, Oaxaca, Puebla, Tlaxcala, Veracruz)

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  • Trachusa (Heteranthidium) Cockerell, 1904 
  • Trachusa (Ulanthidium) Michener, 1948