buscar esse táxon em outros sistemas Duckeanthidium atropos (Smith, 1853)

Megachile atropos Smith, F. (1853). Catalogue of Hymenopterous Insects in the Collection of the British Museum. Part I. Andrenidae and Apidae. London: British Museum 1-198 pp. [156] .
Type data: holotype BMNH <F>.
Type locality: 'Gambia'.

Anthidium megachiliforme Ducke, A. (1907). Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Solitärbienen Brasiliens. (Hym.). Z. Syst. Hymenopterol. Dipterol. 7: 455-461 [460] .
Type data: lectotype MPEG <M>.
Subsequent designation: Nascimento, P. T. R. (1979). Catálogo de tipos entomológicos do Museu Goeldi. Hymenoptera. Bol. Mus. Para. Emilio Goeldi, Zool. 98: 1-18 [2] .
Type locality: Brazil, Pará, Óbidos.


Neotropical Region: Brazil (Pará [Óbidos])


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Moure, J. S. & Hurd, P. D., Jr. (1960). On the systematic position of three anthidiine bees described by Adolfo Ducke (Hymenoptera, Apoidea). Bol. Mus. Para. Emilio Goeldi, Zool. 28: 1-13 [2, 3, 6, 8] (Taxonomy, type species, new combination, male description, figs. 1, 2)
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Urban, D. (2004). Espécies novas e notas sobre Dianthidiini (Hymenoptera, Megachilidae) do Peru. Rev. Bras. Entomol. 48 (3): 347-353 [348] (Comparative note)

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